Noor Al-Shomoe for Electric and Maintenance was established in 1983. Catering to the needs of the commercial and industrial market, the company has developed into a major outlet of various electric and maintenance supplies. Because of the variety and quality of its product lines, and being awarded vendor accreditation from prestigious manufacturing organizations from Europe, Japan and the U.S.A., Noor al-Shomoe was given recognition and thereby made its name in its 18 years of dealership operation. Noor Al-Shomoe specializes in the products required for control, automation, instrumentation, distribution, cable and cable accessories. Currently, Noor Al-Shomoe has 5 branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is continuing to grow towards its goal to provide quality electric and maintenance products; its commitment to provide excellent customer service; and to be continually visible to the commercial and industrial market.



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