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The continuing growth of industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the emergence of residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial projects has brought forth the existence of companies which provide for the material requirements in the construction and maintenance of buildings, factories and machineries all over the Kingdom. In particular, electrical equipments, parts and accessories were always in a bulk demand and also required for immediate delivery at a given schedule.

Since most of the electrical materials required in In-Kingdom projects vary in standards and specifications, the materials utilized are manufactured and come mostly from for eign countries. The need then for dealership operations in the Kingdom for all types of electrical supplies from foreign manufacturers and suppliers was projected, studied, reviewed, evaluated and taken seriously.

    Hence...    The Birth of NOOR AL-SHOMOE EST.

Since 1983 Noor Al-Shomoe has provided genuine service in the dealership of quality and branded electrical products ranging from fuses, wires, cables, relays, contactors, switches, bulbs, transformers, and other electrical supplies and accessories. Our suppliers are mainly from Europe, U.S.A. and Japan. We are an official dealer of multiple range of projects from Moeller, Lapp Kabel, Omron, Crompton Instruments, Sirai, Shinko, Manumag S.I., Ferras Shawmut, Siemens and Furnas, among others.

We already have a total of 5 branches operating in the major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we projects setting up additional branches countrywide.

Our customers come from all places, whether In-Kingdom or Out-Of-Kingdom. We provide professional and technical service in sales and consultancy. Also, our electrical engineers will be more than glad to assist you in the installation and operating procedures of our products from start to finish. Why we give this extra service? Because, we at Noor A-Shomoe, we value all our customers.

Noor Al-Shomoe's objective is to constantly provide branded quality products and extend continuous professional service to all its customers by building it's image into a "One-Stop-Shop" and "All-Of-Kind" electrical and maintenance products dealer Kingdom-wide and eventually tap the international market of our neighboring countries.

Noor Al-Shomoe Principle:-

"Quality electrical products are our main concern while service is our commitment."



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